About the Executive Board


Second Chance Fellowship Church Executive Board

Pastor:   Elder Curtis Leaks, III

Assistant Pastor:
Evangelist Gwenette Davis

Deacon Emeritus Vernon E. Davis, Sr.

Secretary: Sis. Donna D. Townsend

Chairman of Deacon Board:
Bro. Steve Langston 

Chairman of Trustee Board:
Sis. Sabrina Price


Administrator:  General responsibility includes financial, personnel, property management, and oversight of the church.  He also manages the business affairs of the church and works with staff to achieve the mission of the ministry.

Secretary:  The church secretary is responsible for minutes of assembly meetings, and maintaining records of the church including a directory of the congregation.

 Chairman of Deacon Board:  General duties are to take care of the physical and logistic needs of the church such as ensuring that the place of worship is prepared for service, administering funds to the needy, and preparing communion.

Chairman of the Trustee Board: 
General responsibility is to assist in the finance room and work alongside the Pastor.